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Each Living Walls™ instant hedge and pleached screen covers a one-metre length. Our instant hedges come in a wide assortment
of varieties, and four ranges. Hedges can be maintained at the purchased height or grown taller, as required.

See LIVING WALLS™ PRICE LIST for current heights, prices, hedge bag size, and availability.


Where do I buy Living Walls™ instant hedges?

Living Walls instant hedges are available direct from our nursery, or your landscape professional. If you wish to visit the nursery to view our instant hedge range before purchasing, Contact us to make an appointment. If you are unable to visit, we can email additional photos if required. You may like to take a VIRTUAL VISIT, too. ⬆︎

Do you supply Living Walls™ instant hedges throughout New Zealand?

Yes, we do. We supply direct from our Mangatāwhiri nursery to most locations, either in our truck or through our network of specialist plant carriers, or Mainfreight. For a delivery quote, please provide your address along with the length and varieties you are interested in. Please refer to our Delivery policy. ⬆︎

Do you take credit card payment?

We do not have credit card/EFTPOS facilities. Payment is by internet banking and required before dispatch. ⬆︎

Can I visit the nursery?

Yes, you are most welcome to make an appointment to visit the nursery.  We are a production nursery, so visits are by pre-arranged appointment only, Monday to Friday.  Call or email to arrange a suitable time. Our instant hedges are grown and sold in one-metre lengths. So, measure the area you'd like the hedge, consider the factors that will affect your choice of instant hedge, and check out our LIVING WALLS™ PRICE LIST, and get in touch. ⬆︎

Are you open in the weekend or public holidays?

The nursery closed in the weekends and on public holidays. We are open midweek, by appointment only. If you can't make it midweek, we are happy to email photos. You may like to take a VIRTUAL VISIT, too. ⬆︎

Do I have to visit the nursery to purchase my Living Walls™ instant hedge?

Not at all. Most of our clients have never visited us. They order by email or over the phone. You may like to take a VIRTUAL VISIT, instead. ⬆︎

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can deliver in our curtainsider truck or arrange delivery to most centres throughout New Zealand, using specialist plant carriers or Mainfreight. For a delivery quote, please email your address and contact number along with the length and varieties you are interested in. Please refer to our Delivery policy. ⬆︎

Can I pick up from your nursery?

Sure. We are open midweek, by appointment. Please let us know when you’ll be coming so we can get your order ready and give you a hand to load. And remember, our instant hedges are LARGE. A Living Screen hedge will not fit in a station wagon or SUV! A trailer or truck is usually required.
Payment is by cash, or internet banking preferably before pick up, as we do not have credit card or EFTPOS facilities. ⬆︎

Do you provide an onsite quotation?

No, Twining Valley Nurseries is a production nursery only. Our instant hedges are grown and sold in one-metre lengths. So, measure the area you'd like the hedge, consider the factors that will affect your choice of instant hedge, check out our LIVING WALLS™ PRICE LIST, and get in touch.

You are welcome to arrange an appointment to visit the nursery to view our instant hedge range and discuss your needs. ⬆︎

Do you install the Living Walls™ instant hedges?

No, Twining Valley Nurseries is a production nursery only. You can either install your instant hedge yourself, following our PLANTING YOUR INSTANT HEDGE guides, or employ a local landscape contractor and provide them with our instructions⬆︎

Do I need an expert to plant my Living Walls™ instant hedges or can I install them myself?

You can employ the services of a professional landscape contractor if you wish, or you can plant your Living Walls instant hedges yourself. Bear in mind that the Living Screens can weigh around 100kg when wet, so you will need some muscle to help you move them into place, and you may want a little help with the digging too. Please see our PLANTING YOUR INSTANT HEDGE guides for detailed instructions. ⬆︎

Can you recommend a landscape contractor in my area?

We’re happy to pass on names of landscape contractors who have experience with our product. You can also contact a local landscaper in your area and provide them with our installation instructions, or check out⬆︎

Can I leave my Living Walls™ instant hedges in their bags?

Your Living Walls instant hedges have been growing happily in their bags for a long time now, but have had the constant care and attention of our dedicated nursery team. It is best to plant your instant hedges as soon as possible after arrival, but if there is a delay, please water your hedges deeply every few days. Remove the hedges from their bags for planting. ⬆︎

When can I plant Living Walls™ instant hedges?

There's no time like the present! As long as you have adequate water for summer planting, and have prepared your trench well, you can plant instant hedges at any time of the year following our PLANTING YOUR INSTANT HEDGE guides. If your timing allows, autumn planting is a great time for warmer parts of the country, allowing the root system to grow and establish during the winter. And for colder areas, spring planting is great, when the air is still cool, and the transpiration rate is low. Under these conditions, the roots will grow rapidly and provide ample water for the foliage. ⬆︎

Will you hold my Living Walls™ instant hedges at the nursery until I’m ready to plant?

Yes we are able to hold for a reasonable period. See THE FINE PRINT for terms and conditions. ⬆︎

How tall do Living Walls™ instant hedges grow?

If left untrimmed the hedge plants will ultimately grow to their natural proportions. For example, our Living Boundary Camellia instant hedge could eventually grow to 1.8m and our Living Screen Griselinia instant hedge could grow to 5m. However, we have chosen the plant spacings within our Living Walls instant hedge ranges specifically for their intended trimmed height. As a guide, a Living Edge instant hedge is suitable for a 250 – 500mm trimmed height, a Living Boundary instant hedge between 600 – 1800mm and a Living Screen instant hedge between 1000 – 3000mm. As always, there are exceptions to this, so please Contact us if you need advice. ⬆︎

Do I need to stake my Living Walls™ instant hedge?

In most cases, no. However, in very windy exposed conditions, we suggest you provide temporary support (using a Waratah stake and wire on the leeward side) and perhaps reduce the height of the hedge as this will reduce the windage and give the hedge a chance to grow into and adapt to its new environment. You’ll end up with a stronger and healthier hedge in the long run. In some cases, our customers have bought fresh Living Walls instant hedges before they were fully developed. These may need temporary support in exposed situations. Pleached Screens require a support system initially. ⬆︎

Are Living Walls™ instant hedges dog proof?

It depends on the instant hedge and the dog! We’ve found from experience that nothing will contain a Jack Russell, for example. Consider placing a cheap chicken wire fence along the length of and close to your Living Walls instant hedge. The foliage will grow through the wire and conceal the fence. Some plant varieties are naturally more open at the base, so bear this in mind when choosing your instant hedge. ⬆︎

How many plants are in a hedge bag?

It doesn’t matter because you’re buying a metre of hedge! But since you ask, Living Edge - Small has six plants per metre, Living Edge - Large has three, the Living Boundary range has either two or three depending on variety, and Living Screen range has two. Each Pleached Screen is a single tree. ⬆︎

Do you discount your Living Walls™ instant hedges?




Not even for seriously large numbers?

We'll consider for orders over 100m. ⬆︎